products of the future

App/Emergency Locator

Voice activated emergency mobile app and event recorder. The future of personal safety for all ages and situations. Always protect your love ones.

Self-Guided Weapons System

Self-guided weapons system. Take hunting or personal safety to a whole new level. The next generation system for police and military alike. 

Self-Guided Mower

Robotic guided lawn mower controlled by an intricate computer system. Able to navigate around shrubs, trees, and any physical obstacle in the way while cutting grass safely. Ideal for all consumers and commercial properties.

Smart Gate

Computer controlled smart gate. Keep your kids or pets safe even when you take your eyes off them for just one second. The gate senses when kids or pets are close to danger and jumps into action to block them before they get hurt.

Ice Melting Winter System

Automatic snow and ice melting system to clear roads and sidewalks to a clean and dry location. Perfect for consumers and commercial accounts alike. No need to shovel, scrape, or salt again. This system will melt snow and ice on contact, while drying leaving all roads, sidewalks, and parking lots dry, clean, and clear.

Cancer Cure

It is time we stop letting cancer take our lives. We at Artificial Robotics have and continue to research and develop with a main goal to end cancer once and for all. Artificial Robotics is on the verge of developing a universal cure for all cancers.